moule à balustres
Moule à balustres
baluster mold
Balusters molds
Baluster Formen
Moldes para balaustres
Balaustres moldes
stampo per balustres
Balaustre stampi
vorm aan de balusters
Balusters mallen
Mold tem balaustres
Balaustres moldes
Fabricant de moules à béton

Make yourself your concrete balustrades !

moulds for balusters

make concrete balusters concrete molds for sale

Dimensions = 5.90 x 5.90 x 23.62 inches

Price 69 $

To order

Handrail to ramp high and low !

mold for handrailn ramp, railing, balustrade

Dimensions = 5.31 x 9.25 x 19.68 inches

Price 69 $

To order
Same characteristics as the balusters mold, essential to perform the ramp top and bottom of the balustrade. It will take four balusters per linear meter. It is possible to assemble two molds handrail for lengths of 1 meter. One can also use this mold to achieve the above boundary walls.


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