moule à balustres
Moule à balustres
baluster mold
Balusters molds
Baluster Formen
Moldes para balaustres
Balaustres moldes
stampo per balustres
Balaustre stampi
vorm aan de balusters
Balusters mallen
Mold tem balaustres
Balaustres moldes
Fabricant de moules à béton

concrete mold

baluster mold, balusters moulds

mold pillar, mould pillar

mold column, mould column

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molds balusters


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mold balusters



It is a synthetic resin mold which both parties bolt to allow filling . Simply coat the inside mold with a liquid soap or cooking oil to avoid staining white concrete during stripping. For the mixture no more simple: mix 50 % white cement and 50% of white sand. add then water to obtain a pasty concrete , as well as we are casting , because it is important to complete all corners of the mold. As soon as the mold is filled , add a little iron concrete 6 m / m and vibrate the mold by tapping with a mallet rubber , or by inserting a paint mill after a drill . It only remains to dry 24 to 48 hours following the regions . The release will be a breeze because the concrete grip not inside the mold . The release will be in two minutes. it enough to separate the two hulls with a flat tool such as a large screwdriver . A baluster is the amount of a seal and Mason weighs about 8 kg for a cost of about 1.5 € uro. I realized 58 meters balustrade and mussels are intact. Just clean them after use.


This is a very ingenious mold because it allows for smooth and high low balustrade . It also allows to cover the top of a wall Closing . The principle of the casting of the mixture and is the same as mold balusters .


When you have completed your balusters and handrail, assemble with the cement glue outside. It is very strong in time. So you made ??a railing whose cost is around 13 € uro per linear meter . Cheaper than a wooden fence, pvc or wrought iron . More maintenance painting , and design is not comparable . Like me you 'll be proud to show your railing friends

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