moule à balustres
Moule à balustres
baluster mold
Balusters molds
Baluster Formen
Moldes para balaustres
Balaustres moldes
stampo per balustres
Balaustre stampi
vorm aan de balusters
Balusters mallen
Mold tem balaustres
Balaustres moldes
Fabricant de moules à béton

concrete mold

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Make your concrete pillars with our mold deco !

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Dimensions: 19.68 x 12.79 x 12.79 inches

Price 199 $

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The mold angle pillar you will consolidate the railing, with a finishing touch to none. This mold comes in four parts for easier release, you will assemble with clamps in the corners, allowing you to make pillar of 19.68 inches. Do not forget to coat the mold with vegetable oil or liquid soap so as not to stain the white concrete. To save the concrete, just add a tube diameter of 5.90 inches in the center before casting, which will be removed before complete drying. Simply fit the mold on a section already dry and fill to get over a pillar 1 meter in height. You can make big pillars at the height you want to mount your gate.

matrix pillar, molds for pillar

By setting two molds pillar, you will realize a full pillar 1 meter in height in a single molding.


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